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Tuscany – This city draws visitors into its sun-warmed bounds to enjoy a life of simplicity and art of the highest form. Click play to follow us through Tuscany and …

47 thoughts on “Tuscany Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Kenneth Hoffman says:

    If you plan on driving in this region, keep your seat belt fastened and your head on a swivel. The reality is they drive like reckless maniacs in Tuscany. Went there in May 2019. I was glad to get home alive……

  2. Riana Boshoff says:

    La dolce vita! I saw a. TV program where they show how steak is cooked in a very different way in Tuscany than elsewhere. Best of all is that the steak contains a little bit of pink and no red.

  3. Just Cade says:

    Italy is the most beautiful country in Europe, if not the world. It is the Jewel of the Mediterranean (along with Greece), and Italian history and culture has shaped the already beautiful landscape into a work of art.

  4. lcarota says:

    To sit down and to start making serious planning for this trip is h-a-r-d! Can anyone that's been recommend a great place to stay in the countryside? Also, I know a lot of people recommend renting a car. Are there any train stations nearby that also take you into the different regions? Planning this is so overwhelming so if anyone has any other input or recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

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