Things to do in SOUTH BEACH, Miami Florida

Come checkout some of the things to do in South Beach, Miami Florida with me and my wife. Related Videos Nassau Bahamas: …

16 thoughts on “Things to do in SOUTH BEACH, Miami Florida

  1. George Stanko says:

    great video you two. you look like a happy couple. where you ate the gellato, if you look up, there is the exercise room for that hotel. i cant wait to go back…im counting down the days! i tried the raspberry gellato, it was bomb. the display of treats is pretty just to look at. The 11th street diner is (for me) a must-do restaurant. I love their 3 egg vegetable omelette…i think they call it the farmers omelette.

  2. Kevin Prince says:

    Live in Wisconsin. My wife and I have been to Miami a few times in the past and love it. Love your video cuz you guys went to some of the same places we went to. And the same cruise as your other video to Nassau. Awesome! Love your work, keep it up.

  3. Merely says:

    South Beach one of my favorite places! I live up near Boston, so don' get there much. Your video was fun to watch! Very entertaining. Even longer would be ok to me!
    Had to chuckle a couple of times. When you told your wife not to wave anymore on the bike. LOL Also, Five Guys? LOL I was glad you added that you had never been there, because they are a staple up north. and I'd rather go anyplace else if I'm in South Beach because MIAMI DUDE! xo Happy you chose The Carlyle, though. πŸ™‚
    I was there last in February 2018 for 6 days ON A BUDGET, alone, (Am good looking female, for reference) being there for my sons wedding on a cruise ship, and spent 2 nights in a fun Art Deco Hotel on Ocean Drive, then 2 nights in 2 different Hostels and loved it, then the last 2 nights in a Holiday Inn in Hialeah so I could depart back home and not miss my ride! (Which I did the first day there)
    Ocean Drive my favorite and hope to make it back someday.
    I would recommend News Cafe for people watching and their live webcam operating 24/7. I check it out almost everyday for a time.
    Enjoy your channel and will sub!

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