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Hobart – Tasmania’s capital city is steeped in history, come take part in the reborn city as you follow us through the town. Check out the top spots in Hobart today, …

32 thoughts on “Hobart Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Haco 57 says:

    Sydney = Beach and Ferry
    Canberra = Political
    Melbourne = Hipster
    Hobart = Prison
    Adelaide = Historic
    Perth = Famous people
    Darwin = Military
    Brisbane = Parks
    Gold Coast = SURFERS

  2. 74KU says:

    0:51 has been pulled apart for "maintaince" for god knows how long.
    1:05 Also known as stale. This is mostly because of Federal under investment in the State for Generations.
    1:18 Stroll, because even in a Capital with less people than most Victorian Rural towns, traffic is as bad as Port Melb.
    1:20 Just one meal though it will cost you the soul of your first born child, there are cheaper and better places to eat.
    1:24 Overpriced like you would not believe.

    2:28 Operates every Saturday only from 8.30am till about 12-1pm (official close is 3 but its fairly dead hours before this)
    Mostly only full of toursit nick nack trash at tourist gouging prices.

    The rest of this video is not too misleading and gives a farily accurate portrayal of Hobart, though it is missing a large amount of its litter and Graffiti. (why they used so few close angles of Hobart City itself)

  3. Renae says:

    So far Hobart is my favourite city in Australia. I was only there for a few hours but it was so pretty and chilled, which can tend to be quite the opposite of Sydney.

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