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Cuba – Enjoy old-world architecture, famous cigars and classic cars in this long-isolated island nation. Check out Cuba’s top sights for travelers. When ready …

47 thoughts on “Cuba Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Dublin Bay says:

    I am Irish and have been very lucky to have traveled all over the world including all of Europe, China, Russia, South Africa, United States, the Middle East, Malaysia and many other counties. I have never been to a place like Cuba. The country is fantastic and the people are the most incredible and friendliest people I have ever met. They say us Irish are friendly, but to me the Cuban people take top spot. Long live Cuba. My heart is still there.

  2. Sophie Loves Sunsets says:

    'It's infectious rhythms taught the world how to move it's hips' 💖💖💖 Beautiful video 🙂 The footage is absolutely stunning! Hubby and I are heading to Cuba for three weeks in a few days and we're soooooo excited. My grandparents visited Cuba many years ago and they loved it very much and I heard great stories from them about the people, the food, music, the gorgeous scenery and so much more. We can't wait to explore this beautiful country 😎🍹🌞

  3. Phương Mai says:

    Hello Brothers Cuba. I’m a Vietnamese. I always want to come ur country. I love Fidel Castro. I love people in here. And i love Cuba so much. My English which is not good 😂. From Hanoi, Vietnam with love ❤️

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